Someone keeps reporting this blog and my other blog…

so I’m making a different email and blog so you guys can follow just in case Tumblr goes ahead and deletes this blog.

Anonymous: who gives a fuck about your weight? you're amazing whether you are 90 lbs or 300 lbs. and fuck everyone who says other wise

Yay! But I’m still unhealthy so…

Anonymous: how do you tell your parents you're depressed ?

I didn’t really say anything at first. I just broke down one day and told my mom how I felt. I explained all the pain I felt and all the thoughts that lingured in my head.

queen-sam: hey there please dont ever consider suicide as the answer, because i promise you that things always get better i know that sounds cheesy but you gotta keep telling yourself that until it becomes true the world sucks sometimes and it can suck a lot, but theres also a lot to look forward to, theres a lot of good stuff :) hang in there my friend stay strong<3
Anonymous: i remember sharing problems on this blog when it was still new, i think. talking to you helped. problems will always be there. they are meant to be faced. never alone though. be with the people you love and you will feel better. anyway i wish you all the best. be strong. God bless!

Since my father has left us, I have one less ache in my heart.

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